Monday, August 21, 2006

Fitness Update

Fitness Update

While I have slacked off slightly from my initial rigidity toward my goals, I am happy with the status I have made over the last couple months.  I have not lost significant weight, but I have significantly cut my soda consumption down.  I've also been much more careful about my choices. 

On the walking front, I try to get out and get a walk at least a couple times a week.  In September, I am planning to start a fitness program that will help me progress toward my weight goals. 

Getting started is the worst part of the battle.  With each step forward, I gain some momentum toward my goals.    :-)


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Goal Status

Weekends at home can be a huge challenge.  Weekends with visiting family can be even more of a challenge.  This means successes and failures.

While I was able to manage about 4 servings of fruit a day.   I was a complete failure on the exercise front with the exception of getting out and getting around for a few errands on Friday.  I've been keeping up with the water and probably hit 50% on eating healthy.  

My clothes feel like they are fitting a little better.  I will be anxious to weigh in next week and see where I am. 

For this week, I am poised for success.  I got a salad and tons of fruit yesterday from the store.  If you make sure that you make good healthy items available, you are more likely to succeed.   

It important to note that none of us are perfect.  You won't hit your targets 100% of the time.  You can see when you hit a bullseye, have near misses and sometimes just didn't even come close.

Hope you are having a good week and hope that you hit your targets too.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Update

It's good to have goals to stick to.  It's unfortunate when sometimes you just can't meet them.  I have been doing well with most of my goals.  This week, my fruit consumption has been a little less than 5 a day (mostly it was unavailable, not because I didn't eat it.)  I still consider this week a success. 

Tonight is my night off.  It's a birthday dinner (not mine) and it's my treat.  So I will eat well as well.  Then tomorrow, I will return to my regularly scheduled nutrition program.  :-)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Progress so far

About two weeks ago, I started making changes for fitness and health.  I started drinking mostly water.  Thus far, I have been keeping up every day with @ least 70 oz, but I have probably fallen a little short on the weekend.

The last few weeks, my breakfast generally has consisted of a cup of cereal and milk, a cup of orange juice and an occasional banana or other yummy fruit for my cereal.

For lunch, I have primarily eaten a "healthy" frozen entree or a peanut butter sandwich and a fruit cup.

For a snack, I have grabbed some fruit on at least 7 of the last 10 days.  I am missing an apple today.  I'll have to go grab one later  :-)

Dinner is a bit trickier.  I have eaten out or brought take home food (not to be confused with fast food) from various places.  I did get the fish at Olive Garden when I ate out on Sunday.  It was GREAT!  Last Thursday was also our gourmet dinner out.  It's a predefined menu with wine and well, it's once a month and that's my treat!

Last night, I cooked some salmon and veggies.  It was GREAT.  I have more leftovers for the rest of the week.

Over the last few weeks, I have had probably 5 sodas total.  I have it in the refrigerator.  I just have not wanted it.  To me, that is success in itself!

And occasionally, I have had my ice cream and a few little chocolate pieces.


On the exercise front, I have been trying to stretch everyday and steal at least 15 minutes for a brisk walk.  During the week, I have been able to accomplish that.  Again, on the weekends, it's been a little more difficult.  I did get a lot done around the house this weekend though and so that makes up for some of my other laziness.  Oh I did go to the mall and walk around there a bit too.


How do I feel?  Pretty good actually.  I am one of those lucky few that have little effect from caffeine.  It does not keep me awake or give me headaches, but I don't miss it in the least.  I have not seen much effect yet on the weight front, but I am not weighing in every day either.  I think my clothes are feeling looser, and looking better.  I think my muscles have been going through a transformation with the huge infusion of water.    I am having some success with the plantar fasciatis.  It is hurting a little less every day. 


Inspiration and Beginnings

Inspiration and Beginnings

While starting to embark on my own changes in my life, I happened upon Chris' blog over at  I was inspired to join the challenge to help me track my progress as well.

I travel frequently, work long hours and have a sedentary lifestyle.  None of that bodes well for my life fitness and health.   I don't think of myself as hideously overweight, but I definitely need to lose weight to feel better.  Also, recently, I have acquired plantar fasciatis in my foot.  Let me tell you that this is something you want to miss!

Starting out, I have a a very mixed nutrition history.  Previous to the changes, I drank mostly diet soda.  While it is a great thing that it was diet, too much of anything is not a good thing.  I also love food.  (Did I mention too that I have a sweet tooth?).  Fortunately, I have always been good about sauces and dressings.  Less is usually a great thing.  There are a ton of calories in just a little bit of dressing and white sauces, etc... 

So, for Chris' challenge, I chose to work on at least five goals.

  • Drink at least 70oz of water a day.  

(There is a calculation for how much water one should drink in a day.  If anyone knows where to find this formula, please comment)

  • Eat Healthier

  • Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Cut out as much of the soda and caffeine and sugar and fast foods as possible.  Make better choices when eating out.  Eat more fiber and more fruits and vegetables.  The funny thing is that I really love fruit and veggies.  I just tend to be more lazy than anything else.

  • Lose Weight (goal 20 lbs)

This one is self explanatory.  By doing all of the other items, hopefully this one will happen on its own.

  • Exercise at least 15 minutes a day

My goal here is to at least start walking for at least 15 minutes, stretching and just becoming more flexible.

So that's my goal for the 12 week Challenge.  I will be reporting my progress here.